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If you shop online regularly, you would have realized by now that it has become extremely difficult to separate genuine pharmacies from rogue drugstores. Fake pharmacies have become a major concern in the healthcare industry. They account for thousands of cases involving drug poisoning caused by consuming counterfeit meds. With this in mind, it is advisable that you follow due diligence when buying meds online.


Today we expose, which is a typical rogue pharmacy selling counterfeit drugs. This review explains everything you need to know about this scam.

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There are an awful lot of risky pharmacy stores online nowadays looking to take your money. In return, you may get fake or counterfeit medicine if you receive anything at all. Our review of looks into the details of this pharmacy to find out if you can really trust them to provide safe medication.

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In view of the high number of rogue pharmacies operating today, shopping for meds online has become more of a lucky draw. One is never sure if they are dealing with a genuine pharmacy or a rogue drugstore. The fact that over 95% of online pharmacies are operating illegally does not help matters. With this in mind, it has become prudent for all online shoppers to practice caution and remain vigilant to avoid buying counterfeit meds.


Today we review, which is one of the many online pharmacies operating illegally. Below is a comprehensive review of this site.

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Today we review, which is an online pharmacy store that allegedly offers all types of medications. However, after carrying out a thorough background check on its operations, we discovered that it is a big fraud. This pharmacy has been operating illegally for several months and it is part of a big syndicate of scammers. Below are some of the reasons why you should avoid this pharmacy.

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